Chatting With Miriyummy

In my Chatting With Miriyummy series I interview wonderful people.  Some are foodies, some are bloggers, some are both and some are neither (I wanted to make that rhyme Dr. Seuss style but decided against it).  All are interesting people leading interesting lives.  So check out the ones you might have missed, or reread your favorites.  And if you would like to be interviewed, just drop me a line in the comments.

Jean Roth — 15 May 2012

Rivki Silver — 19 April 2012

Toby Curwin — 29 January 2012

Ileana — 4 October 2011

Hannah Katsman — 19 September 2011

Mrs. S. — 13 September 2011

Yaara di Segni — 11 August 2011

Irmgard Upmanis — 2 August 2011

Miriyummy — 27 July 2011 — Ruti turns the tables on me and asks me my own questions

Leah Schapira — 24 July 2011

Ruti Mizrachi — 17 July 2011

Varda Epstein — 11 July 2011

Leora Wenger — 4 July 2011

Richard Rusch — 27 June 2011

Batya Medad — 21 June 2011

  1. Hi – you write that your parents were both refugees living in Sweden during the war- my mom and her siblings were sent on a childrens transport from Austria to Sweden and also livrd there till the end of the war!


  2. what kind of bubble wand do you use for your giant bubbles?


  3. Jayne Hudson

    I used your lamb stew recipe and made some major revisions. I believe it may be a new recipe to be added. Just a thought.


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