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Some Soup and Some Socks (Zhuzz One, Knit Two)

I just wanted to show off Ju-Boy's grandson Brave-Boy and his winter ensemble that I knit for him. He's already outgrown it. I guess I'll just have to pick up the sticks and knit a larger size.

Winter is here for most of us.  One of the most warming and comforting things for me to have in the winter is a nice, hot bowl of soup.

There are many ways to make soup.  One way NOT to make it is…

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A Miriyummy Joke and Photo-Op #2

The picture below was sent to me by Mr. Baroness Tapuzina — I checked it out on and it wasn’t listed, so there is a chance this is horribly true.  If it is, as a species, we’re doomed… Read the rest of this entry

Miriyummy Photo-Op #1


Headless Chicken!



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