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Foodie Friday, But On Tuesday

Ju-Boy, Chip and Shy-Boy are off together for a three-day bonding trip to Eilat.  I was invited to come along, but the lure of three boys (yes, Ju-Boy turns into an unruly teen on these trips) who didn’t bring enough underwear, the broiling desert heat and the ambiance of a hotel named La Playa (The Beach) that is nowhere near the beach (but has a great view of the airport runway) is underwhelming.  Didi and I will stay home and suffer the air conditioning and a selection of chick flicks.  And yes, take-away sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We will have to just suffer through it somehow…

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Foodie Fridays #5

I spend a lot of time (some may say too much time) reading foodie blogs. They are always good for some entertainment, inspiration and it fills my need for food porn.

Here are some of the posts that have sparked my interest lately…

Risa over at Isramom is hosting the Kislev edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival.  I totally agree that it’s so weird that we’re now entering the month of Chanuka, with visions of latke parties while it snows outside, yet here in Israel we’re baking in the longest Indian summer on record.  Lots of great postings over at the Carnival, so check them out.

Hadassah of In the Pink is taking a school lunch poll.  In elementary and junior high we ate whatever the cafeteria served up that day, slowly dragging our feet when mystery noodle casserole was served, speeding up on Fridays when we had tuna sandwiches with potato chips, cutting the line for pizza and felafel day.  What did you take to school for lunch?

My favorite Cooking Manager, Hannah, regularly interviews bloggers on a Monday morning (I even got interviewed a few months ago).  This week she spoke with Sara Melamed who blogs Foodbridge.  Sarah actually made melouchia, and all I can say about that is better her than me!

The Nana10 webportal is always full of interesting recipes.  This week I found a recipe for Chicken Patties with Tehina in Silan Sauce.  Silan, for those of you who have yet to taste this ambrosia, is date honey.  I use it instead of bee honey many times, and it’s great with chicken.  This is going to be on my table this Friday night!  The recipe is in Hebrew, so for those of you that lo medabrim hasafa (don’t speak the language), if you really want the recipe, contact me and I’ll translate.

Image representing eBay as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

While not a foodie blog per se, Life in Israel has a very interesting post about someone who is trying to sell their leftover cholent on eBay!  Starting bid was $2 and someone eventually bought it for $4!  At the Miriyummy household we never have leftover cholent because we don’t eat cholent.  Or rather, Ju-Boy and progeny don’t eat cholent.  I love the stuff.   Maybe next time I should just buy a portion on eBay?

Baroness Tapuzina paid a visit to the Organic Farmers Market in Tel Aviv.  The market is situated down at Hatahana, the renovated Ottoman train station near Jaffa.  We’ve been going more and more organic at home, but for the time being have bought our produce and dairy products at the new “Green” section of our Supersol Deal.  But Michelle’s pictures are just so tempting, we just might give up a precious Friday morning and stop by.

And now for a subject close to my heart:  pizza, and New York pizza specifically.  Serious Eats takes their pizza, well, seriously.  I always enjoy their pizza articles, and was not disappointed with this one either.  I always try to make a good slice at home, but until I invest in a real pizza oven with a pizza stone, I’m going to have to try to settle for the Miriyummy version (coming soon to a blog near you).  But one very interesting thing I learned is that you get a much better dough if you make it up in the food processor.  I’ve been touting the wonders of my Kenwood Major, and what I really should be doing is bugging Ju-Boy and the kids for a really amazing food processor to replace the pitiful one I’ve been working with now.  Hey, it’s my birthday this Wednesday, help me nag Ju-boy!  Just comment on this blog and maybe it will sway the unswayable (he’s bought me perfume, again, I just know it…).

You know how you can tell Chanuka is on the way?  When the sufganiyot (jelly donuts) start showing up in the bakeries and supermarkets.  Just as the Christmas decorations start hitting the stores in the States sometime after Halloween, the jam-filled calorie bombs are showing up earlier and earlier.  I think I saw the first ones right after Rosh Hashana.  Now Roladin, that mmmmmmmmm bakery, has the 2010 parade of donuts up on their website.  Check them out, you can’t gain weight just by looking (or can you?).

Shabbat Shalom!






Foodie Fridays #4

I spend a lot of time (some may say too much time) reading foodie blogs. They are always good for some entertainment, inspiration and it fills my need for food porn.

Here are some of the posts that have sparked my interest lately…

Yosefa, of Cooking Outside the Box, is asking people to bake and take challah for Nechama Gittel Chaya bat Chana (Norma Kuras).  Proper instructions and the blessing can be found on her blog post.  She’s trying to get at least 40 women to help in this mitzvah.

Chaviva, of Just Call Me Chaviva, went to Kosherfest!  Lucky her!  I am so jealous!  Not jealous enough to make plans, get on a plane and attend, but still jealous!  A light lime green, not full blown green eyed monster.  What really got me going were the words, “Jamie Geller (of Quick & Kosher fame) tells me…”  She got to talk to Jamie Geller!  I’m in the middle of reviewing her latest cookbook, and Chaviva got to talk to Jamie Geller.  She got to shmooze with Susie Fishbein!  And she got to taste the the Heering Coffee Liqueur.  Okay, going full blown green now, maybe I will make plans and get on a plane next time…

It’s so nice to know that there are others out there in the big, wide world that feel your pain.  Jeff, from TC Jewfolk’s Noshin’, is just a Yid from New York living in Minneapolis and missing his deli food.  I know exactly how he feels.  No visit back to my hometown was complete without a trip to a deli to partake in an artery-clogging but oh so wonderful pastrami sandwich, lots of hot, brown mustard, a half-sour dill pickle on the side, all to be washed down with Dr. Brown’s cream soda.  And speaking of soda (soder?), Jeff gives a recipe for stuffed cabbage, with root beer in the sauce.  Root beer!  Everyone knows it’s either ginger ale or Dr Pepper!  Still, it’s almost comforting to know that New York Jews, no matter where they migrate, like salmon, must come back to their culinary birthplace to achieve pastrami heaven…

Those of you know me well know that in the past nine years I’ve been addicted to a certain recipe sharing site that used to go by the name of Recipezaar.  One of my veteran buddies from that site, Sharon123, just posted a recipe for Lemongrass Stock for Curries which made me wish it was something I had thought of.  How genius!  I make curries often, and having a stock of this in the freezer (pun intended) will be so helpful!

Photo by Lilmsbritches on

Monday, November 1st, was World Vegan Day.  I spent about 5 years as a vegan, and it used to totally freak my friends out, when it’s actually a very simple diet once you get used to it.  I had one friend who was so scared to cook something vegan if I came over for a Shabbat meal that she told me she would wait to invite us when I stopped being vegan.  I went vegan for health reasons, but I do have to admit that I love a nice piece of dead cow or chicken, and am back to being carnivorous.  I still cook vegan now and again, especially for my veggie friends who come for Shabbat and don’t want some of the roast baby hen on offer.  Here’s one of my recipes that I posted to Zaar a few years ago.  Very yummy, and if you read the reviews, you can see that if you are a tofu-phobe you can sub chicken breast.  Happy Vegan Day!

If you’re a kosher foodie blog reader and have not yet won a copy of Kosher by Design — Teens and 20-Somethings, you still have a chance.  Midwest Mama (in Israel) is offering a copy with the contest deadline at midnight, Monday, November 8th.  Check out Katie’s review of the cookbook, and maybe win a copy.

Varda, one of my foodie friends from israelfood, whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet in real life, sent in a video to israelfood in reply to a question on how to braid challah.  It’s called Braiding Challah (duh!) and it’s on the Fine Cooking site, braiding done by Maggie Glezer.  And if that’s her kitchen in the video, I am so jealous!  I want a kitchen like that!

Have you heard that limes are now available in Israeli supermarkets?  Once upon a time they used to try to pass off green lemons as limes, but now the real thing is here, and not just in the boutique veggie stalls.  I found some in Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda this past summer, and now I see it every week in Supersol Deal.  This week my favorite Frenchy blogger, Ilana-Davita, posted a recipe for Vegetarian Curry.  You need the juice of one lime, so instead of the bottled gunk, try the real thing.

Shabbat Shalom!  !שבת שלום

Foodie Fridays #3


I spend a lot of time (some may say too much time) reading foodie blogs. They are always good for some entertainment, inspiration and it fills my need for food porn.

Here are some of the posts that have sparked my interest lately…


Once again, Baroness Tapuzina has gone where no foodie (at least this foodie) has gone before.  She visited and blogged about the Tulip Winery in Kfar Tikva.  I can’t vouch for the wine (it’s not kosher), but the labels on the bottles are very attractive.

Hannah the Cooking Manager has a weekly interview on Mondays where she grills (and bastes) her readers with questions.  This week she’s featuring Kris of  the Cheap Healthy Good blog.  There’s a recipe there for Butternut Squash Risotto.  I seen this made on a lot of cooking shows lately, both from Israel and abroad, old shows and new ones, so I think the food gods are sending me a sign.  I’m going to give this recipe a try.

Thanks to a new arrival,  Katie, the Midwest Mama (in Israel), has had to overhaul her life a bit.  I remember my days of being a new mother, wandering around in a baby coma, wondering if I would ever drink coffee again just for the pleasure or it.  Katie’s been trying to boost her vitamin intake with some Sweet Potato Bread.  Sounds yummy, and the good news is you don’t need to have just spewed forth some progeny to try it at home.

Over at A Glug of Oil my Zaar friend Jan has posted a great looking recipe for Nice and Spicy Beef Curry.  I could so get on board with this one, but the recipe calls for yogurt, which makes the recipe not kosher.  Not a problem, I’ve always been meaning to try out the soy yogurts on sale in the supermarket.  My local supermarket, Supersol Deal, has opened a wonderful health food and organic section, so getting all the seeds, spices and even the soy yogurt is going to make this such an easy recipe for me.  So who wants to come over for Friday night dinner for a taste?

No food recipes, per se, but Aliyah by Accident gives you a great recipe for how to do your supermarket shopping in Israel.  The minute Rami Levi was mentioned I could feel that pain you get in your stomach when you remember unpleasant experiences…

The fabulous female foodies over at Matkonation have posted a recipe for Persimmon Tart Tatin, oh yum!  Seeing this brings back the regret I have in letting my brother take our mother’s cast iron frying pan.  I should have fought him for it, hit him over the head with it and … oh never mind.  I guess I’m going to have to go out and get a new one.  Or have Ju-Boy get me one for my upcoming birthday, hint, hint, hint….

Foodie Fridays #2

I spend a lot of time (some may say too much time) reading foodie blogs. They are always good for some entertainment, inspiration and it fills my need for food porn.

Here are some of the posts that have sparked my interest lately…

Mrs. S. over at Our Shiputzim has the same problems I do on short winter Fridays, I wonder if she also goes headless chicken.  Still, she’s posted a sweet little recipe (pun intended) for Cinnamon Marble Cake.  I also agree the Rich Whip is the work of the devil, but a very necessary evil sometimes.

The following falls under the Oh Em Gee school of recipe:  even though the blog entry is from this past March, I was trawling around a new blog (new to me, that is) called The Wicked Noodle and found a two-ingredient recipe for Nutella Mousse.  I gained a kilo just looking at the picture!  Those of my readers who know from Recipezaar just how I like to eat my Nutella should blush, because the most X-rated thoughts are now going through my head.  Ju-Boy, be afraid, be very afraid.

We have a double agent in our midst!  Mimi, who normally hangs out in her Israeli Kitchen, is doing double-duty over at Green Prophet with her Lemon Scented Vegetarian Couscous.  I can just smell it from here!

I told you she was a double agent!  At Israeli Kitchen Mimi is posting her 10 Life-Saving Recipes, part of the Jamie Oliver TED Prize program.

Want to see some total food porn?  Check out Jan’s Dark Chocolate and Orange Cheesecake with Grand Marnier Liqueur over at A Glug Of Oil.  It uses Brit-centric ingredients like Hob Nob biscuits and some Terry’s Chocolate Orange, but even if you don’t have a local Sainsbury’s this is worth a shot in any country, just substitute local ingredients.

HRH Baroness Tapuzina is back with Part Two of her endless search for the best ice cream parlor in Israel.  The dedication of that woman is admirable!  She does us all a great servie!

How can you not love a blog that asks you to Nosh With Me?  Hilary posts the perfect recipe for those days, when you need something salty and sweet at the same time.  Sweet and Salty Brownies need a sugar thermometer, but you know that nothing is going to stand in the way when it’s that time!

Brownie bottom, semi-sweet chocolate mousse, then a layer of milk chocolate mousse, then a layer of white chocolate mousse, all covered in dripping, yummy chocolate ganache — this is something Carine Goren has come up with to torture me.  It satisfies every single chocolate craving you might have.  The recipe is in Hebrew.

Have you noticed that most of the recipes in the links posted here are desserts?  And most of those chocolate desserts?  I have a one track mind…

Wishing you all a wonderful Shabbat!


Foodie Fridays — #1

I spend a lot of time (some may say too much time) reading foodie blogs.  They are always good for some entertainment, inspiration and it fills my need for food porn.

Here are some of the posts that have sparked my interest lately…

I have this perverted habit of collecting British husbands, and through them have learned that Toad in the Hole is this nasty dish of frankfurters baked in a Yorkshire pudding base.  Urgh. Over at Matkonation they’ve taken one of my favorite breakfasts and given it a new twist, so now the odious Toad in the Hole becomes a yummy Bird in the Nest, made with brioche, mmmmmmm!

Mrs. S, over at Our Shiputzim, has a recipe for a Savory Sweet Potato Kugel that I’ve been meaning to try, but Ju-Boy has an aversion to kugels.  Any suggestions on how to convert my kugel-hater into a lover will be well appreciated.  Maybe if I douse it in whisky?

Baroness Tapuzina took a tour of some Israeli ice cream parlors and reported back her findings — it’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it.

Jan over at A Glug of Oil made Jamie Oliver’s Quick Portuguese Tarts — I’m not a fan of the Naked Chef, but Jan made these look so good I might give him another chance.

Cooking Manager Hannah has Ten Creative Ideas for Cooking Pasta Frugally.  Ju-Boy and I have differing ideas on how to cook the stuff, he hardly uses any water and I like to use at least 4 liters per 500 grams of dry pasta.  How do you cook your pasta?

Okay, in reference to the above paragraph, turns out that Ju-Boy is right and I am wrong — check out The Food Lab”s Top 6 Food Myths over at Serious Eats.  Do me a favor?  Don’t tell him, he’ll never let me live it down.

My favorite patissier, Carine Goren, posted her Chocolate Cookies with Crembo Surprise.  The site (and recipe) is in Hebrew, but it’s worth learning the language just for these, they look so yummy!

Over at Israeli Kitchen Mimi posted a recipe for Sweet Potato and Celery Soup.  Now I’m just waiting for the weather to get a tiny bit colder and this is going to be on our supper table.

And still on the subject of soup, over at The English Kitchen my Zaar friend Marie posted a recipe for Tomato, Leek and Dill Soup that looks (and I’m sure tastes) nothing like that runny red stuff in a can.

It seems to be soup time in the blogosphere, Jules over at Pancakes and French Fries posts a Simple Butternut Squash Soup (that’s dalorit for those of us in the Holy Land) that just might cure the common cold.

Debbie, who’s always asking Where’s My Rolling Pin? has found a wonderful use for marshmallows in her enlightening post You Can’t Cry With A Mouth Full Of Marshmallow.

Wishing you all a Shabbat shalom!

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