Chatting With Miriyummy: Leora Wenger

Meet Leora Wenger.  I started reading her blog about a year ago, mainly because some of my favorite bloggers were mentioning her blog, Here in the HP, and I was curious.  And it’s a bit embarrassing to say (but when did I ever let that stop me), but originally, I thought her blog had something to do with Hewlett-Packard.  I never really thought I was that much of a computer geek, but when you say HP, that’s the first thing that comes to mind.  Considering that I think I’m such a foodie, I’m adding insult to self-injury by admitting that I didn’t immediately think of HP Sauce either.  What I will proudly admit to is that I’m a native Nu Yawker, and excluding the two times I’ve been to Newark Airport, I’ve only been to New Jersey twice in my life, so the connection with Highland Park never popped into my head.  But thanks to Leora and her glorious photography, I’m starting to learn that New Jersey is not all turnpikes, toxic chemical processing plants and strip malls.  You can get quite an education reading Leora’s blog, and not just about New Jersey…

Who are you?
I’m a mom (note that one is first!), wife, daughter (my 81-year-old father lives two blocks away), website builder (developer, designer, maintainer), blogger, artist, Jewish holiday preparer, small business evangelist and social media advocate.  For the business/technical angle, you can read more about me here.  For the more personal and artsy side, see here.

Do you like to cook?
I like to cook – most of the time.  I don’t always enjoy it on Fridays – too much, too stressed.  I hate it when the weather is hot – wish my family would just enjoy cold salad and sushi at those times.  No such luck, so they get noodles on extra hot and humid days.

What is your favorite Miriyummy post and why?
I have a soft spot for posts about one’s parents, especially those no longer alive.  So I’ll pick your most recent I Miss My Mom post.

What is your first food-related memory?
I have early memories of loving macaroni.  I used to eat it with cottage cheese (can’t anymore – I’m lactose intolerant) and ketchup (I now choose tomato sauce – no high-fructose corn syrup and less sweet).  Once, my cousin made cold macaroni salad for Shabbat lunch for me because my mother told her I only eat noodles.  I remember picking at it and not wanting it.

Desert island picks, name three foods you could not live without:
Brown rice, one green vegetable (but not okra) and something that would give flavor (miso, butter, an herb, feta cheese, turmeric, ginger root or chopped onions).

Do you have a food-related story you would like to share?
My relationship with food changed drastically when my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1993.  My father and I both researched cancer and nutrition, and we learned much about how to prevent and possibly heal cancer with dramatic dietary changes.  However, my mother preferred traditional Western medicine, and it failed her. She died in 1998.

I work hard to prepare food that is both delicious and nutritious.  We all have different taste buds, so my picks may be different than yours.  Recently, I researched the value of fermentation.  I discovered that fermented pickles are easy to make.

But fermented cabbage is the most delicious of all the fermented foods I have made, and quite possibly the most nutritious (cabbage in general is a good cancer preventer and fermented cabbage even more so, because of the natural probiotics in the fermentation process).

What are you?
I’m also a small business blogger:
Websites for Small Biz
Facebook page for Small Biz
Ask any of your website, WordPress, small business networking, Twitter or Facebook business page questions on either of those sites.  If I don’t find the answer, someone in my network will know.

After having read Leora’s blog over the last year or so, I can only say that had I known New Jersey was so pretty, I would have visited more often!

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  1. What a pleasure, to get to know a fellow blogger better! Thank you for sharing.


  2. Great interview of a great blogger. Thanks to you both.


  3. Thanks, it’s always nice to get a new perspective on a blogger we think we know. And that fermented cabbage looks delish – I’m totally going to try that one!


  4. Wonderful interview with two of my online friends! (I sometimes forget that I’ve never actually met either one of you in person… 🙂 )


    • I remember once when I was finally going to meet up with Avital of This and That posting a new status to Facebook: Off to meet up with a good friend I’ve never met.


  5. Thank you so much, Miriyummy! Yes, New Jersey does have some beautiful spots.

    Part of me would totally like to change the name of my blog. I have no idea to what, but my original idea had been to write about Highland Park, but I wasn’t as interested as I was in other topics.

    Thank you to the kind words, RutiMizrachi, Ilana-Davita, toby and Mrs. S. Mrs. S,, I am scheming to meet you in two years, when my son will be in Israel for a year.


  6. Miriam Isserow

    Leora, I have always wondered if your blog is really about cool stuff in HP with a little bit of other stuff along the way. I’m happy to help you brainstorm a name if you want to think of one, but you know more than I about what a name-change would mean at this stage in the game.
    And feeling very smug that I know both Leora & Miriyummy in person and even saw one of you as recently as a week and a half ago!


  7. Miriam I, a name change for my blog might not be a bad idea. I can keep the url, so that’s not really the big issue. I draw a blank on what I should call the blog. It seems to be photos, art, recipes and the occasional Jewish topic or book review.

    Miriyummy, OK, though I don’t even know where you live…


  8. What a lovely interview! Thank you both.

    Leora: I love that you listed “mom” first, and it is something I would do also.


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