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Bloggers’ Day Out — Gush Etzion — July 2011

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that an able foodie in possession of a good blog, must be in want of a nosh…

…unashamedly paraphrased from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

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Turnabout Is Fair Play

Be careful of the questions you ask, because what you give is what you get returned.

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Show Your Hearts

I don’t know the Berry family.  But a random tweet from Benji Lovett asked me to show my heart. But the story that unfolded from that one tiny tweet didn’t just get me to show my heart, it broke it.

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A Miriyummy Joke and Photo-Op #2

The picture below was sent to me by Mr. Baroness Tapuzina — I checked it out on and it wasn’t listed, so there is a chance this is horribly true.  If it is, as a species, we’re doomed… Read the rest of this entry

Chatting with Miriyummy: Leah Schapira

Meet Leah Schapira.  I didn’t find Leah, she found me.  She must have one of the coolest jobs around, writing about food and also starting up her new recipe-sharing website, Cook Kosher.  Leah is good for my ego, asking me to write little bits and pieces for the site.  I’m so glad she agreed to be interviewed, so come and learn all about Leah with me!

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A Miriyummy Joke: Great Moments in British Cuisine

I can be quite partial to the British.  The first husband was British.  The last husband is British.  My kids are British.  The Beatles are British!!! I prefer British tea, British beer and British television, but one thing I do not have the stomach for (so to speak), is British cuisine…

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Chatting with Miriyummy: Ruti Mizrachi

Meet Ruti Mizrachi.  Actually, I would love to meet Ruti Mizrachi.  She’s one of those women out there in the blogosphere that when she writes, her words go directly from the computer screen into my heart.  I started reading her blog, Ki Yachol Nuchal (We Can Surely Do It), only a little over a year ago, but I feel like I’ve known her forever, even though we have never met in person.  Ruti is someone I truly do admire.  Her life is all about choices.  She chose how she wants to live, where she wants to live and with whom, and she sticks by those choices with such a joy, with no regrets, in such a way that I would love to be the Grasshopper to her Master Po.

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Foodie Friday, But On Tuesday

Ju-Boy, Chip and Shy-Boy are off together for a three-day bonding trip to Eilat.  I was invited to come along, but the lure of three boys (yes, Ju-Boy turns into an unruly teen on these trips) who didn’t bring enough underwear, the broiling desert heat and the ambiance of a hotel named La Playa (The Beach) that is nowhere near the beach (but has a great view of the airport runway) is underwhelming.  Didi and I will stay home and suffer the air conditioning and a selection of chick flicks.  And yes, take-away sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We will have to just suffer through it somehow…

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Chatting with Miriyummy: Varda Epstein

Meet Varda Epstein.  Varda and I are landsmen.  That means our families come from the same area in Eastern Europe.  In fact, we share a cousin, Judy, who is the keeper of my family tree.  Varda and I met on the Internet, in the Israelfood group.  We email each other back and forth, yatter on Facebook and have even met once for breakfast. The two of us have a lot in common, a love of food, a love of family and a love of playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.  It’s a family addiction, apparently.

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Bloggers’ Night Out — Jaffa — July 2011

Photo by Mimi of Israeli Kitchen

Think of it as a kind of support group.  Hello, my name is Miriyummy and I am a food blogger.

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