Foodie Fridays #2

I spend a lot of time (some may say too much time) reading foodie blogs. They are always good for some entertainment, inspiration and it fills my need for food porn.

Here are some of the posts that have sparked my interest lately…

Mrs. S. over at Our Shiputzim has the same problems I do on short winter Fridays, I wonder if she also goes headless chicken.  Still, she’s posted a sweet little recipe (pun intended) for Cinnamon Marble Cake.  I also agree the Rich Whip is the work of the devil, but a very necessary evil sometimes.

The following falls under the Oh Em Gee school of recipe:  even though the blog entry is from this past March, I was trawling around a new blog (new to me, that is) called The Wicked Noodle and found a two-ingredient recipe for Nutella Mousse.  I gained a kilo just looking at the picture!  Those of my readers who know from Recipezaar just how I like to eat my Nutella should blush, because the most X-rated thoughts are now going through my head.  Ju-Boy, be afraid, be very afraid.

We have a double agent in our midst!  Mimi, who normally hangs out in her Israeli Kitchen, is doing double-duty over at Green Prophet with her Lemon Scented Vegetarian Couscous.  I can just smell it from here!

I told you she was a double agent!  At Israeli Kitchen Mimi is posting her 10 Life-Saving Recipes, part of the Jamie Oliver TED Prize program.

Want to see some total food porn?  Check out Jan’s Dark Chocolate and Orange Cheesecake with Grand Marnier Liqueur over at A Glug Of Oil.  It uses Brit-centric ingredients like Hob Nob biscuits and some Terry’s Chocolate Orange, but even if you don’t have a local Sainsbury’s this is worth a shot in any country, just substitute local ingredients.

HRH Baroness Tapuzina is back with Part Two of her endless search for the best ice cream parlor in Israel.  The dedication of that woman is admirable!  She does us all a great servie!

How can you not love a blog that asks you to Nosh With Me?  Hilary posts the perfect recipe for those days, when you need something salty and sweet at the same time.  Sweet and Salty Brownies need a sugar thermometer, but you know that nothing is going to stand in the way when it’s that time!

Brownie bottom, semi-sweet chocolate mousse, then a layer of milk chocolate mousse, then a layer of white chocolate mousse, all covered in dripping, yummy chocolate ganache — this is something Carine Goren has come up with to torture me.  It satisfies every single chocolate craving you might have.  The recipe is in Hebrew.

Have you noticed that most of the recipes in the links posted here are desserts?  And most of those chocolate desserts?  I have a one track mind…

Wishing you all a wonderful Shabbat!


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  1. Irmgard Upmanis

    I printed off the Dark Chocolate and Orange Cheesecake and the Sweet and Salty Brownies. These kind of things don’t go to waste at my house! 😉


  2. Hi Mirj,
    I know that I have said this before, but I just love your blog.Not to mention the fact that with all the new recipes I am trying (well lets just say I am glad it’s the time of year that I can get away with wearing sweats and elastic waist pants)! I look forward to your next blog. Shabbat Shalom to you also….


  3. I wonder if she also goes headless chicken.
    I’d love to meet the person who DOESN’T… 🙂

    Thanks for the link, and shavua tov!


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