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Foodie Fridays — #1

I spend a lot of time (some may say too much time) reading foodie blogs.  They are always good for some entertainment, inspiration and it fills my need for food porn.

Here are some of the posts that have sparked my interest lately…

I have this perverted habit of collecting British husbands, and through them have learned that Toad in the Hole is this nasty dish of frankfurters baked in a Yorkshire pudding base.  Urgh. Over at Matkonation they’ve taken one of my favorite breakfasts and given it a new twist, so now the odious Toad in the Hole becomes a yummy Bird in the Nest, made with brioche, mmmmmmm!

Mrs. S, over at Our Shiputzim, has a recipe for a Savory Sweet Potato Kugel that I’ve been meaning to try, but Ju-Boy has an aversion to kugels.  Any suggestions on how to convert my kugel-hater into a lover will be well appreciated.  Maybe if I douse it in whisky?

Baroness Tapuzina took a tour of some Israeli ice cream parlors and reported back her findings — it’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it.

Jan over at A Glug of Oil made Jamie Oliver’s Quick Portuguese Tarts — I’m not a fan of the Naked Chef, but Jan made these look so good I might give him another chance.

Cooking Manager Hannah has Ten Creative Ideas for Cooking Pasta Frugally.  Ju-Boy and I have differing ideas on how to cook the stuff, he hardly uses any water and I like to use at least 4 liters per 500 grams of dry pasta.  How do you cook your pasta?

Okay, in reference to the above paragraph, turns out that Ju-Boy is right and I am wrong — check out The Food Lab”s Top 6 Food Myths over at Serious Eats.  Do me a favor?  Don’t tell him, he’ll never let me live it down.

My favorite patissier, Carine Goren, posted her Chocolate Cookies with Crembo Surprise.  The site (and recipe) is in Hebrew, but it’s worth learning the language just for these, they look so yummy!

Over at Israeli Kitchen Mimi posted a recipe for Sweet Potato and Celery Soup.  Now I’m just waiting for the weather to get a tiny bit colder and this is going to be on our supper table.

And still on the subject of soup, over at The English Kitchen my Zaar friend Marie posted a recipe for Tomato, Leek and Dill Soup that looks (and I’m sure tastes) nothing like that runny red stuff in a can.

It seems to be soup time in the blogosphere, Jules over at Pancakes and French Fries posts a Simple Butternut Squash Soup (that’s dalorit for those of us in the Holy Land) that just might cure the common cold.

Debbie, who’s always asking Where’s My Rolling Pin? has found a wonderful use for marshmallows in her enlightening post You Can’t Cry With A Mouth Full Of Marshmallow.

Wishing you all a Shabbat shalom!

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