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Spread A Little Rainshine– Goodbye to RivkA

Last Friday one of my favorite JBloggers, RivkA, of Coffee and Chemo (how can you not love a blog with that kind of outlook just in the name?), finally gave in to the cancer that sparked her blogging life.  I say finally gave in, because that was something RivkA didn’t do, she never gave in to it.  Even at the very end, it’s not Cancer 1, RivkA 0, because RivkA bat Yishaya left behind a legacy, a message to choose life and to cope with adversity.

I never met RivkA, but I feel like I knew her, through her words, her gestures, her attitude. And based on what her F2F friends have been writing, I wish I had known her in real life as well.

If you go to Coffee and Chemo now, the site is all about life after RivkA.  Those of us who read her regularly know that that’s not what she was about.  If you are just learning about RivkA now, read one of her favorite posts, Choose Life.  That’s how I will always remember her.

RivkA died on Friday at 11:10 AM, and on Friday night the heavens opened up and it rained and rained, gishmei bracha, the blessed rains.  I was feeling down due to the news, but when it rained, I smiled.  Rain always makes me smile, as it does so many of us here in Israel, and it was as if RivkA blessed us with the joy she always felt in life.  A small legacy that can mean so much.

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