Don’t Pass Over These Recipes — the 2012 Edition

Oh no, it’s that time of year again!  My 2011 edition proved to be helpful to many of you, so break out the bleach and hide those breadcrumbs, Passover is coming and it’s unstoppable!  Here are some helpful ways to get through the holiday when you once again can reunited with your panko and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream:

Before the holiday even starts and you have your first glass of wine and first dollop of charoset, you need some energy to prepare!  Use up your supply of flour and oatmeal and make some Vicki Bikkies to get you through your marathon of cleaning and Hagaddah hunting.

Before you even start cooking, you should visit Mrs. S. at Our Shiputzim and check out her pre-Pesach preparation guide, where she twists herself into a pretzel.

My own go-to blogger for organization and everything you wanted to know about everything, Cooking Manager, basically has the omnibus posting when it comes to this holiday:  Passover Recipes and Cooking Techniques (2012). Be prepared to be impressed (I certainly was!).

Baroness Tapuzina recently lost her father, and we all wish her comfort in her memories.  But a link on her most recent post takes us back to Shiva, Matza Balls, and the Morpurgo Family, where you can find a link to the Baroness’ recipe for chicken soup, comfort in a bowl if ever one was needed.

Hopefully you won’t just be trapped at home this year and will have a chance to enjoy the outdoors.  If you do, try some Fish on the Beach.

Over at Cafe Liz I haven’t seen any Pesach recipes up yet, but she does offer up a lovely dish of golden rice with nettles (or spinach) for those of us who do eat rice on the holiday.

If you are in the camp that believes quinoa is kosher for Passover (I am, unfortunately Ju-Boy isn’t), then head over to Ari Cooks for some Ari’s Quinoa Salad.

Sarah Melamed, the brains behind the beauty of Food Bridge, has a recipe for a sandwich that is decidedly not kosher for Passover, but since April is fresh garlic season in Israel, and since the sandwich filling would go so beautifully on some whole-wheat matza, you really should check out her post on her dried tomato, feta cheese, basil and garlic confit sandwich.

Mimi of Israeli Kitchen had a senior moment which may just become our lunch for the first day of Pesach this year.  Have a look at her recipe for Chicken Sofrito, it may just become part of your holiday repertoire as well.

Yes, I know, we eat a ton of eggs on Passover, but who said they had to be boring?  Try a pan of Shakshuka this year.

The Gush Gourmet hasn’t posted any Pesach-specific recipes just yet, but last week posted a recipe for roasted cauliflower and leek soup that is just perfect for the holiday.

Ima 2 Seven, who will soon be making aliya (yay!) and will find out that keep kosher for Pesach in Israel just might be a bit more insanity-inducing than being KFP in the States, posted her recipe for Passover Granola.  I wish her all the luck in the world finding matza farfel in this country, and slivered almonds that are kitniyot-free, and …

One of my favorite ways to end the Seder meal:  Baby Pavlovas with Chocolate Creme Patissiere.  To make this KFP I use potato flour and real milk and cream.

Batya, the very grounded blogger who meanders over at me-ander, hosted the Nissan edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival.  Absolutely worth checking out!

Katherine Martinelli just came out with her first cookbook on a very not-kosher-for-Passover item, puff pastry.  It’s worth getting it for the rest of the year, but for Pesach you really should check out her evilly delicious recipe for Pistachio, Cherry, and Dark Chocolate Bark.  This should make anyone suffering from yumminess deprivation happy!

Shira, who goes by the smile-inducing blognomer of Fat Girl Foodie, posted a recipe for Portobello Mushrooms and Port Wine Reduction that sounds and looks divine!

Over at Culinart Kosher it’s been Pesach time since like… forever, at at least since March 19th.  Give Marc Gottlieb and his blog a visit, you won’t be sorry.  While you’re there, don’t forget to answer his poll on what is your favorite item on the seder plate (mine is the chazeret, I love the hot flavor of it).

I can pretty much recipe by heart what we eat every year for Pesach:  eggs, potatoes, matza, potatoes, Tirat Zvi hot dogs, potatoes, and more potatoes.  But over at Cook Kosher you can get a whole bunch of ideas for a No Potato Passover and win a cookbook while you’re at it.  Sign me up now!

Last year I posted Ju-Boy’s recipe for Passover Pizza, and it’s too good not share again.

Margo Sugarman, the latest addition to my foodie blog addiction, writes The Kosher Blogger.  She’s been posting like a Passover fury lately, making sure I get enough ideas in my head (and probably calories on my hips) to last me for several years worth of Pesach.

I make Faye Levy’s Almond Macaroons all year round, but in our family they call them Pesach Cookies.  Don’t overbake these babies, you want them chewy!

And if this isn’t enough to get you ready for Passover, just Google it…

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  1. Thanks for the link, and happy cleaning or procrastinating (whichever one works best for you 🙂 )!


  2. Margo Sugarman

    Thanks, Mirjam. I just hope that the fury I’m posting with doesn’t signify nothing! Thanks for the shout out, and chag sameach ve’kasher to you and all your readers.


  3. Thank you Mirj! What an excellent collection.


  4. What a great round-up Mirj!! I can’t believe Pesach begins next week! Thanks so much for the shout-out 😀


  5. Thanks for the link Mirjam! Tomorrow’s the last posting for Pesach recipes at 2PM (chrain.. I saved the best for last!!) and then there will be a recap post for all 27 recipes at 3PM.


  6. I just came across your blog today and these are all great recipes. I especially am interested in the Baby Pavlovas with Chocolate Creme Patissiere.


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