Suspended Reality: Escape to the North — Part 1

Once again Ju-Boy and I packed our bags, made sure children and dog were safe and snug, made sure there was good music in the car, and escaped.  We do this often, at least twice or three times a year.  With both of us in the Chapter Two of our lives this is something that is not a treat, it is a necessity.  Ju-Boy explains this very well:  we each have baggage, and we each have packages.  The baggage is the flotsam of our previous life without each other that we are still dealing with, sometimes on a daily basis.  The packages are the jetsam that we have each brought into the marriage, children, philosophies and political beliefs.  As happy as we are with our lives, sometimes we need to escape…

The last time we took off for the north we had a wonderful time, and it gave us a taste for more.  Thanks to another one of those Groupon deals we booked a night in a tzimmer on the Golan Heights, and with nothing more than that etched in stone, we got in the car, slipped a CD into the player (Pink Floyd, in case you were interested) and put the pedal to the metal.

We didn’t get very far…

In fact, Ju-Boy went off first thing in the morning to shul for morning prayers and his Daf Yomi shiur.  I futzed around the house a bit and did a little knitting.  Around 9 AM he came home and told me to grab a few eggs, we were having breakfast at Sheer Pretzel and Serene Shar’s house.  So off we went.  We came, we saw, we cooked, we ate.  And then we continued on our way.  If our first stop was only 10 minutes down the road, our next stop was three hours later.

Ju-Boy had intended to take me to this Indian restaurant he visited with Shy-Boy about two years ago on one of their camping trips up north.  It turns out that Shy-Boy, who eats just about everything and anything, doesn’t like Indian food, so I got the doggy bag.  When we went up north with the kids last winter we stopped off there so I could have a treat, but the place was closed.  Ju-Boy planned for us to have lunch there, but again, it was closed.  So he thought we would go to this great little cafe where he had eaten with Shy -Boy on another one of those camping trips, and that was closed too.  Miriyummy to the rescue!  I suggested that we head for Dag al HaDan, a unique little restaurant on the banks of the Dan River.  This time the restaurant gods were on our side and we found a table outside, near some fearless roosters.

Shay, our waitress, gave us each a menu and told us what she thought we might like. She was right. It was a great meal...

Drinks first! Mmmmm, cold, delicious beer -- Ju-Boy ordered an English Pride, slightly bitter, and I ordered a dark and rich Belgian beer, reminiscent of a Guinness.

Next came the ubiquitous Israeli starter -- salads, salads and more salads. I was very impressed with the smoked trout mousse and with the pickled trout (like pickled herring, but much more delicate tasting). If we wanted more, Shay got us more. Yes, we did want more, and more we got. The only complaint I had about this course was that we were charged extra for a small piece of focaccia. Ju-Boy and I tried to be kind to each other, but we did fight over that last piece.

I had the barramundi. I'm not a fan of fish on the bone. When Ju-Boy and I were dating I actually ordered fish on the bone once, because I didn't want him to think I was such a high-maintenance princess. You would think that after more than six years of marriage I wouldn't wuss out and actually order something I wanted. But nooooooo, I ordered fish on the bone because I didn't want him to make fun of me. The only other main course on the menu other than some kind of fish on the bone staring at you from the plate was on the kids' menu, veggie schnitzel with spaghetti. So I ordered the fish and had a staring contest with it. The fish won.

Ju-Boy had the grilled trout. He likes trout. He has no qualms about staring fish, or splaying them open to eat them.

Throughout the meal this cat waited patiently for us to throw him a tidbit. We didn't. Poor cat, he didn't know what fressers we are.

While discussing the restaurant the work pastoral came up often. So did bucolic, rustic, verdant and sylvan. The two of us were a veritable thesaurus. And yes, these swans actually swam by while we ate our fish.

We didn't just eat the fish, we massacred them.

Dessert was called Switzerland. I assume those two mountains of whipped cream are meant to be the Alps. A light delicate crust covered with a nutty chocolate and sweet mascarpone cheese. My brother-in-law took one look at the picture I uploaded to Facebook and declared this obscene. I declared it obscenely delicious!

Smoked Trout Mousse/Spread

I was most impressed with this dish, and I think we actually requested thirds.  Shay the waitress was happy to get the recipe for me.  Wait for it… this is really complicated… are you ready?

  • 1 part smoked trout
  • 4 parts mayonnaise
  1. Zhuzz together in the food processor.

I’m a little skeptical over so much mayo in relation to the smoked trout, but unless the chef is trying to mess me over so I don’t make this myself and constantly have to make the trip to get my fix of the stuff, this is the recipe.  As they say in Israel, c’est tout (yes, that’s what they say in Israel, in France they probably say וזה הכל).

We then tootled up to our tzimmer several hundred feet above sea level and at least 100 degrees (both Fahrenheit and Celsius) colder than where it was in the Upper Galilee.  But that’s the part of the story that is — to be continued…


Just a quick aside:  Dag al HaDan does not have any kosher certification because the restaurant is open on Shabbat.  All the ingredients are kosher and they do have a mashgiach (kosher supervision).  When we asked about it they said they would be happy to give us the phone number of the rabbi and he could answer all our questions.

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  1. Looks amazing! I will definitely keep that place in mind if we ever manage to give ourselves a getaway :


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