Dip Your Apple

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It’s a known constant in my life that man plans, God laughs.  Yesterday I said in my Honey Honey blog post:

So I could leave you with a cute little video of buzzing bees or those singing worms in the apple wishing you a happy new year, but I won’t.

Wrong.  Sort of.

There’s a really cool blog out there called Elder of Zion.   In my Twitter feed this morning there was a link to his post on the latest video out by the Ein Prat Fountainheads.  You’ve seen them before here in this blog, they come out with a new video almost every Jewish holiday.  They’ve got a really great one for Rosh Hashana, and they even have a solo by my favorite Fountainhead, my friend Leonie’s daughter Shani.  And I love the little pop culture references, including one for Charlie Bit My Finger.

So while these kids aren’t buzzing bees or singing worms, they’re much better.  And Shakira never sounded as sweet…

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  1. Uplifting and very sweet! Shana tova!


  2. Love this post! I’m reposting the video on my main blog. Shana Tova!


  3. Great video, so upbeat as it should be. Happy New Year!


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