Can You Hear Me Calling?

Meet my Aunt Zipora (sitting with my Didi). My Aunt Zipora and Uncle Erich made aliya in 1949, when Israel was less than one year old.

I made aliya in 1983, leaving behind my parents, family and friends.

Ju-Boy made aliya in 1988, bringing his family with him.

My father once said, with tears in his eyes and joy in his heart, that his grandchildren, my babies, are the first members of our family to be born in Israel in 2,000 years.

It’s 2011, what are you waiting for?  We’re waiting for you!

Yes, I know that I’ve posted this video here before, but I’m going to keep posting it until you’ve all come home!

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  1. With tears of joy I was so moved when first I set foot on the land of my ancestors.
    Perhaps in some small way I recognize your vision.


  2. That was a very moving video. I had to grab a tissue- I love Israel!


  3. Makes me cry each and every time.
    I didn’t get such a welcome when I made aliya-maybe next time!


  4. Ok already…. Plans are in progress….doesnt happen over night…I wish!
    we too cried when we watched this and then showed it to some of our kids and then
    they cried too! Was it because they knew we meant it… who will babysit ?


  5. I cry every time too – but this time I cried even before watching it, because of what you wrote.

    The irony is that the background music is by the Moshav Band, who made yerida to LA. I have been boycotting their music ever since (although some of their former members have since come back).


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