A Miriyummy Joke: Great Moments in British Cuisine

I can be quite partial to the British.  The first husband was British.  The last husband is British.  My kids are British.  The Beatles are British!!! I prefer British tea, British beer and British television, but one thing I do not have the stomach for (so to speak), is British cuisine…

Nabbed from one of my most entertaining blog feeds:  You Got To Be Kidding

1875 — First Fish ‘n’ Chips restaurant opens. A century later, the menu expands to include fish ‘n’ chips with vinegar, fish ‘n’ chips with ketchup and fish ‘n’ chips with cole slaw.

1935 — English ship sinks off the coast of Norway. Crew use stock of mincemeat pies stored on board to float back to safety.

1951 — Scientists at Cambridge University introduce first lacrosse ball made entirely from black pudding.

1965 — The words ‘English’ and ‘cuisine’ appear together in same sentence for the first time.

1966 — Yorkshire pudding cooked by woman in Leicester appears to take the form of then Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

1989 — The English declare beer an essential food group.

1995 — First case of vegetables being served less than 15 minutes overcooked.

2000 — Kent woman discovers that spices located in kitchen spice rack can be used in cooking.

2004 — Allegations emerge that Saddam Hussein may have tested English recipes on his people.

2011 — Archaeologists find biscuit used as ammunition during The Battle of Northhampton in 1460 (unscathed).

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  1. Very cute….. However, I can attest to the fact that some things have changed substantially. Some things are quite tasty, but most things are cooked with dark ale to enhance the flavour… Italians call the Brits “Mange Cake” (cake-eaters) because everything is surrounded by pastry of some description. Cooked dough is served with most meats…. Yorkshire Pudding, which does not resemble pudding at all; Steak and Kidney Pie, which is not a dessert, to be sure…. and many more. But you already know this stuff.


  2. sylvia oliver

    I love fish and chips especially with malt vinegar…so thanks to the Brits for that…however, I do not think I could eat those overcooked peas…and I know one of the national dishes is called “mushy peas” which sounds even more awful…but I confess, I do love all things British..the comedies and mysteries are the best!



  3. British cuisine has improved in the last 20 years or so, there is now such a thing as gourmet English cuisine (I remember being plesantly surprised by Alfred’s, a modren English restaurant where we had a lovely foodstock some 10 years ago).

    As to the love of carbs – one of the best examples is chips with everyting – not just fish but also lasagne (the Italian in me shudders) and a buttered butty….


  4. Cute. By the way, what is American cuisine famous for – hot dogs? Baked beans? Fried chicken? Chips with everything? Cheese burgers? Twinkies or pop-tarts for breakfast? French toast doused in syrup? Coca Cola/Pepsi? Yum!


  5. Fish and Chips, done right and served really hot, is some of the best fast food around. /the pic made me rather hungry! I enjoyed this. Gotta love the Brits! And they’re good natured about the reputation of their food.


  6. Nothing like the good old Brits!!!


  7. Fish and chips, good. Mushy grey peas, not so good. Regional British cheeses, very good! But coffee, dismal.


  8. Irmgard Upmanis

    Check out BBC Good Food, both the magazine and the website. They have some awesome recipes. British cuisine is starting to get a good reputation!


  9. sheerpretzels

    MY, you wrote: ‘I can be quite partial to the British. The first husband was British. The last husband is British. ‘..Is your current husband British too?Just curious…


  10. Hi: I am hoping you are the lady that has the recipe for “My Mom’s Plum Brandy” posted on food.com in 2001. If I have hit jackpot and it is you I have 2 questions. 1. Did you use a quart of Whiskey or a pint, and your recipe says to reserve the pulp. What the heck do I do with the pulp? Could you respond to me via email? Thanks, Tamar



    • Yup, that would be me. I use a 750 ml (a little under a quart) of whisky that we refuse to drink straight up (usually a blend). As for the pulp, that goes into cakes and ice creams, very yummy!


  11. British food has come a long way! Did you know the USDA declared butter a food group during WWII? http://reason.com/blog/2011/06/07/when-butter-was-a-food-group


  12. True story:
    When we were on shlichut in London, we ordered a meal in a top kosher restaurant. I wanted salad, some sort of uncooked vegetable. They offered me pickles.


  13. Loved this. Mirj, you forgot to mention that Harry Potter is British and David Beckham is British.
    I’ll never forget the breakfasts at King’s College Hospital, London, when I was a dental student in the early eighties. It was great to watch those cardiologists and oncologists come off their night shifts and tuck into a brekkie of fried bacon, fried eggs, fried potatoes, tripe (which I think is brains), and lashings of buttered toast. Followed by a dessert of rhubarb crumble topped with steaming custard. Custard by the way, is one of the great British Food Groups, and should be worshiped daily.


  14. Sometimes fish and chips is just the right thing, sometimes it is the last thing you want to eat. Then it all depends on then quality of the ingredients.


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