Bloggers’ Night Out — Jaffa — July 2011

Photo by Mimi of Israeli Kitchen

Think of it as a kind of support group.  Hello, my name is Miriyummy and I am a food blogger.

There are quite a few of us here in Israel, us being English-speaking food bloggers.  Some of us are pure foodies, while others (me included) stray off the food path on occasion.  But one thing we have in common is that we like to get together, eat together, network and bounce ideas off each other.  I first started hanging with these guys a few months ago, my first meeting a raw food feast in the home of Yael, a Finnish foodie blogger in Israel.  The second time I had a blast at Jem’s Beer Factory, where I got to meet a few more foodies.  I had such a good time at Jem’s I dragged Ju-Boy back there for a tasting, accompanied by Marvelous Marc and Sweet Caroline.

Each time the foodie bloggers get together it’s at the wonderful initiative of Mimi of Israeli Kitchen.  I’ve been reading Mimi since her blog’s inception, and she is one of my heroes, one of the wonderful writers who inspired me to start my own blog.  You could say she is one of the midwives of Miriyummy.  Last Thursday we all got together in Jaffa.  We talked, we laughed, we brainstormed.  We ate, we drank and we did a little hanging out with some Moroccan homies.  I didn’t bring my camera, but Mimi does it justice in her inimitable style.

Head on over to Mimi’s account of our night out, it was quite a night…

And thanks to the sage advice of some of the more veteran bloggers that evening, I am now the proud owner of my own domain — announcing the birth of my latest child:, born Friday, July 8 at 3:30 PM.  I’ll let you all know when she’s ready for her close-up.

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  1. Oooh, sounds like a lot of fun! I met a fellow blogger on the street on Shabbat, but it was just nice to chat in person, no wild night out for us. In fact, I fell asleep before Shabbat was over…zzzz.


  2. I vote you funniest Israeli food blogger, your posts always make me smile


  3. Looks like you had fun, too bad I had to miss it. I hope that I’ll be able to make it to next meeting.


  4. I have read Mimi’s post but I thought I’d drop in and say hello!


  5. Mirj, you do honor me too much. I love getting everyone together because I love being with everyone, and it’s wonderful that you’re now part of it. Now I can’t wait to know! Missed that piece of advice – must have been when I wandered from the table to find the music. But it was good advice, and now we have something new to look forward to.


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