Isn’t It Romantic?

This Friday Ju-Boy and I are celebrating having survived six years shackled to each other in matrimony. 

Last year I posited that second marriages should be counted in dog years, so it feels like we’ve been together a magical 42 years (which in Douglas Adams-speak is the answer to life, the universe and everything, so this is a milestone anniversary).  According to, the traditional gift for a sixth wedding anniversary is either candy or iron.  Modern-day gifts can be made of wood.  Last year we went away to the Carmel Forest Spa, and we both agreed there was not much that was going to top that.  This year we’re going to… I have no idea where we’re going this year.  Ju-Boy has booked us a Shabbat in a hotel somewhere, out there.  I think he mentioned the Dead Sea, but he likes to throw me off the trail and surprise me.  I asked him what I should pack, but he’s being cryptic.  I’m probably going to pack some nice clothes and we’re going to end up in a Bedouin tent in the middle of the desert.  I wouldn’t put it past him.  No problem, I’ll just look very overdressed for camel riding.

This year Ju-Boy also bought me one of the most romantic gifts I could have asked for.  In fact, I did ask for it.  Over the last two years I have been asking for it.  He finally got the hint.  I am now the proud owner of a Magimix CS 5200 XL food processor.  It’s gorgeous!  Silver, sleek, sharp, it’s all the wonderful words that start with S. He wanted to give it to me on our anniversary, but he was having trouble hiding it.  The box can house a small family.  He hid it in our closet and covered it up with a bunch of clothes.  I was starting to get angry, since we had just cleaned the whole closet out for Pesach and he now had this huge pile of clothes on the floor.  At one point we were arguing over the mess and I got snarky and lashed out with “and you had better be getting me that Magimix for our anniversary if you know what’s good for you!”  And that’s when he spoiled the surprise.  Do you think I honestly care that I got the thing a month early? 

Ju-Boy ordered the new love of my life over the Internet, and had it delivered to his office so I wouldn’t see it.  When it arrived his co-workers took one look at this huge box with a kitchen appliance inside and asked, “You aren’t getting that for your wife for your anniversary, are you?”  When he told them that yes, this was going to be his romantic gesture this year the basic consensus was, “Oh, man, you are so dead!” 

According to a blog called Marriage Gems, in the post entitled Great Anniversary Gifts Ideas & What to NEVER Buy Your Wife, the second most important piece of advice is never buy your wife an appliance as an anniversary present.  The only thing worse than that is to get her something related to weight-loss.  I totally agree with that one.  If Ju-Boy had bought me a digital scale with a fat measurement tool for our anniversary I would have aimed well with it, and he would have ended up in the emergency room, and probably the Guinness Book of Records as well, post-extraction.  But my Sweetie knows his Sweetie.  This present is just the most recent one in a line of romantic blow-torches, stand mixers and other fun kitchen toys.  I love it!  So what should I hanker for next?  Hmmmmm… I’m thinking sous-vide machine…  maybe.  Or what about this knife block?


In any case, once I had that box open I was downstairs at my cookbook collection trying to channel Norene Gilletz.  And I’m having so much fun with my new toy!

 Carrot Kugel Muffins

This is based on a recipe that I have been using for the last 9 1/2 years already.  It’s changed and morphed into many different variations, and here you will find my latest version.  The original recipe can be found on Recipezaar and is called Bob Newhart’s Carrot Mold, by a wonderful chef called Lennie, who has an extensive celebrity recipe collection, and also blogs at eat write create.  These babies were part of our 15-course Shavuot meal two weeks ago.  I also teased a few friends on Facebook this past Friday who threatened to unfriend me if I didn’t post the recipe.  So, hey, I hope we’re still friends!

BTW, with a super-turbo food processor like the Magimix, this kugel is a dream to make.

  • 2 cups finely minced carrots (about 5-6 large carrots)
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup canola oil
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder (for Israelis — just use one sachet)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup flour

First you need to preheat the oven to 180 degrees C (350 degrees F).

 I served these on Shavuot with some wheatberry pilaf over them.  My daughters Tinky and Didi like them as a side dish because “they taste like cake.”  Considering my girls used to be vegetable-phobes, this used to be a good way of sneaking in that Vitamin A.

So back to my anniversary… where do you think he’s taking me?  First one to get the right answer gets to pick the next recipe featured in Miriyummy (I like a good challenge).



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  1. A man who gets his woman kitchen appliances truly knows what’s good for him. He gets a happy woman and lots of good food. Don’t worry about getting your present a month early, I got my Thermomix 6 months before my birthday and I am totally happy, in love and in the kitchen all the time


  2. Wishing a happy anniversary to a fab couple and many joyous returns of the day!

    A “romantic gift” is in the eye of the recipient….


  3. Bernie Baird

    You write really well – great reading you. Where is he taking you? One of the cheaper dead sea options perhaps? Metzukai Dargot or Ein Gedi? or Almog?

    How do I get to pick the next recipe if I’m correct?


    • Thanks! Pick one spot, be it Ein Boqeq, Ein Gedi, or even maybe Mitzpe Ramon. I’m thinking it somewhere south as opposed to the north, like Tzfat or Rosh Pina, but you never know with this guy. As for picking the recipe, it could be something specific like Nigella Lawson’s brownies, or something generic, like pickled tongue (but please don’t ask for pickled tongue!).


  4. Mazal Tov!! Can’t believe it’s already 42 years.


  5. Happy Anniversary! And it is the sort of gift I’d want for my anniversary, too. The Magimix, that is, and not that scary knife block.


  6. And, yes, I did add a drop of liquid smoke to one of the BBQ sauces. Not necessary, but a good addition. I think I added it to the Monte’s marmalade/brown sugar/Dijon glaze, but it would add a little something to the Smokey Joe’s BBQ sauce as well.


  7. Happy Anniversary! It’s my kind of present too. Although I would take a iPad as a replacement for an appliance any day.


  8. Mazal Tov. Can you post the wheatberry recipe? Or do I have to be a winner for that? 🙂


  9. I guess I already am a winner. Found the recipe in a previous post. I have a very similar one. Love wheatberry.


  10. Mazal tov Mirj. How about Eilat – or is that too obvious?


  11. Bernie Baird

    Where’d you go in the end? Was I close?


    • Spooky close, Almog! So what would you like me to talk about, foodwise?


      • Bernie Baird

        Lucky you got back so quickly since I only sign on every few days. I loved your baby pavlovas with the chocolate creme filling. I tried them but made a mess of the pavlova so I gave it to my wife to make. Whaat about the same thing but with a less sweet filling – something like strawberries or even better passion fruit – which we both love. I think a passion fruit creme filling would be great for your pavlovas but we have no idea where to start making one. Can you help?


        • Absolutely, I have a great filling that is nice and creamy and also sweet yet tart. Perhaps I’ll make this for Shabbat and then I’ll post the recipes and the photos.

          And don’t even think passion fruit, it makes me shudder! Alien vomit!


  12. Bernie Baird

    Hey, hold on just one darn second. You said the winner gets to choose the recipe – so I chose passion fruit! You have to deliver!


  13. sheerpretzels

    I’m not one of your tribe,but love the recipes anyway – also the the insights into the Jewish way of life.I think Bernie makes a fair point….you did promise…


  14. Bernie Baird

    Bernie was not cheating. There was no mention of this competition not being open to employees or members of the family – as is the case with other competitions. I agree that Bernie had an advantage over everyone else thinking of entering the competition, but that is not the same as cheating!


  15. Bernie Baird

    Bernie is following your lead, and I quote “It turns out Bernie was cheating, big time! Bernie is Ju-Boy! Bernie is going to get so sick of passion fruit pavlova, I promise!”

    Where am I sleeping tonight?

    Who is sheerpretzels? It is not me and I need all the support I can get right now.


    • I was talking to sheerpretzels, therefore I spoke about you in the third person. You are the one who likes to talk about himself in the Royal We.

      Where are you sleeping tonight? Almog? It begins with an A.


  16. At least Ju-Boy/Bernie didn’t ask for pickled tongue…


  17. sheerpretzels

    I am afraid Bernie I cannot support you. You are indeed a cheater, if you have inside information, and did not disclose that .I think Mirimummy should deny you passion of all sorts…..


  18. sheerpretzels

    I think Miriyummy you should request a public apology from Bernie. To you and to the rest of us. If he fails to comply, we can suggest sanctions for you to impose on him…..


  19. sheerpretzels

    How about threatening to shame him into submission – exposing something, or things about about him that he would prefer the world wouldn’t know – unless he apologizes…


  20. sheerpretzels

    Sorry MY, been a little busy with work lately.Is there anything Bernie is allergic too. Add it to one of your dishes. Or better still threaten him – leaving him in a constant state of fear that you will do so. That’s how I like to treat the men in my life. Its a powerful feeling.


    • Bernie Baird

      I do so pity your better half – having to live with a crazy person like you – power is not everything in a relationship. My alter ego’s relationship with miriyummy is built on love and trust – not power and games.

      MY – I’m still waiting for the passion fruit dessert!


  21. sheerpretzels

    This is MY’s blog, not mine, and I wouldnt like to hijack it with my story. Suffice to say I no longer have a better half. He left me alone and traumatized nearly two decades ago – the victim of his own hands. I’m still shedding the guilt – and I suppose that’s why I insist on dominating my relationships. Ok, enough of this. MY, can you post a cheerful and optimistic recipe in my honor.


    • Bernie Baird

      MY, post a recipe that includes lots of alcohol – that should be cheerful enough and add a ccherry to the mix for that little bit of optimism.


  22. sheerpretzels

    I’m with you Bernie on that…


    • Bernie Baird

      OK, MY, pretzelface is starting to redeem herself – so make her something as a reward for being supportive of you in your vendetta against me.


  23. sheerpretzels

    I’m waiting MY, for that special recipe. Not least because there’s someone new and wonderful in my life – and I want to make him something refreshing and spicy, just like our relationship. He’s a high power finance exec, and frequently travels to Israel. And he’s making overtures about my joining him…..


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