A Little On The Cheesy Side — 5771

Black Forest Blintzes for Ifat — the quality control department (me) tested this sample and claims total success!

The wonderful holiday of Shavuot is coming up, it starts tomorrow night, culminating with cheesecake overload on Wednesday night.  And then you have just a mere 48 hours before you begin to stuff yourselves with the wonders of Shabbat.  Ju-Boy and I have been planning our menu for a while now…

I’ll blog about what we did in a later post.  But for those of you still wondering what to make to commemorate this lactose-filled holiday, here are a few suggestions:

Black Forest Blintzes — originally made for my pregnant cousin Ifat, she’s no longer pregnant and will hopefully feed some of these to bouncing baby Jacob.

Cheddar Salvation — something savory yet cheesy to nosh, especially good with a Luscious Mug of Coffee during those all night study sessions.

Corn Muffins — Make these will milk, spread them with butter, maybe add a little honey, and yum.  You can serve these up as little energy babies for those all-night learning sessions.

Dulce De Leche Cheesecake — the cheesecake that made an honorary Miriyummy kid out of Dog-Boy, and now featured on a new recipe-sharing website called Cook Kosher, this is the cheesecake of choice in the Miriyummy household, whether it’s Shavuot or not.

Edamame Hummous — okay, no cheese involved, but you need a little healthy green to combat all that cholesterol.  And contrary to what President Ronald Reagan once said, ketchup is not a vegetable!

Hungarian/Thai Salmon — it’s your job to bring the fish to the Shavuot potluck?  This one is super-easy, and almost idiot-proof.

Magic Pie — don’t follow the recipe, use real butter, real milk, even use some cream.  Abracadabra, delicious!

Paradise Cake — make the full dairy version of this, don’t skimp on the butter or on the milk, serve to your guests and stand back and wait for the compliments.  Try to be gracious when they arrive.

Rich and Yummy Challah — here’s where you can make this challah really shine!  Use all milk, or half water/half milk, or even add some cream to the mix, and this will take the challah to another dimension.  Just imagine a slice of this stuff on Shavuot morning, spread with a heavy layer of creamy sweet butter and drizzled with honey!

Shakshuka — okay, it’s not cheesy in origin, but you can pile on the good stuff and take this eggy dish to another level.  Shakshuka with grilled halumi cheese?  Yum!  What about some grated Cheddar?  Or a shmear of labaneh?

Smoked Salmon Cheesecake — don’t think of this as a dessert, think of it as a special appetizer, and most certainly as a talking point.

Normally this is where I would stick in a video of the Fountainheads and their latest song just for Shavuot.  But they’ve been busy on tour in Canada, so they didn’t come up with one.  But they did manage to sing all about it..


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  1. Wow, what a menu! Those cheddar crisps (and everything else!) look amazing. I’ve bookmarked them and hope to try them either this chag or some other time. Thanks for sharing.


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