Hurrah! Hurrah!

Today is the 22nd Annual Ra’anana Marathon, which was meant to be two weeks ago but was canceled due to rain.  Lots of rain.  In the last week the weather has warmed up considerably.  Granted, winters in Ra’anana are not exactly Siberian, but you can get cold, especially indoors.  In fact, sometimes I walk the dog just to get outside and warm up a bit.

While I hate the hot and muggy sauna that Ra’anana becomes in the summer months, the springtime can be quite enjoyable.

One of the things I love to do most when the warm weather hits is make a seasonal snack that has been part of our family for yonks and yonks.  I don’t remember if it comes from the Lithuanian side or the Hungarian side of the family, but my little band of hybrid girlies just love it when I finally make the first batch of the year of…

Chocolate Covered Ants

These light snacks go wonderfully with a fruity Muscat or a zippy Chardonnay -- and they're full of protein too!

  • 1,742 large ants (if they are small, use 2,044)
  • 3 cups melted chocolate (at least 60% cacao, but 70% is even better)
  1. Catch ants at a picnic site and keep them in a glass jar to which you have added a teaspoon of sugar to keep them happy (unhappy ants are liable to go sour before processing).
  2. At home, pick up each ant with tweezers and remove entrails with a small, very sharp knife edge.  This will take about 400 hours.  If you are in a hurry, eliminate this step; you’ll never know the difference.
  3. Dip each ant into melted chocolate and place to drain on waxed paper.
  4. If any of them are still able to crawl off the paper, let them go — be a good sport!

(As originally posted on Recipezaar)

And as Ju-Boy likes to say, “Pinch, punch, first of the month, no returns!

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  1. Been there, done that (on Recipezaar) – but still love it!
    Waiting to see what you prepare for Friday night dinner tonight (can’t you take photos of it before Shabbat comes in?)


  2. Wait- this is a joke, right? You don’t actually eat ants? I’ve heard of chocolate-covered ants but I always thought that was just a name with no actual ants. Say it ain’t so!!!!


  3. Our ancestors did eat grasshoppers and some eidot still do… No joke.


  4. You know I had to come see what you were talking about after I read your comment on my blog. LOL! It was definitely the Litvak side. We also had that custom. BTW, did you hear the one about why the Mohel won’t eat grieben? Too chewy.


  5. Sounds like the perfect protein and sugar to eat as you run a marathon ! Again great combo of story with recipe!

    Happy 1st:)



  6. Very sporting of you to let any ants still able to crawl after being chocolate-d go!

    Happy April 1st!


  7. extra bonus–it’s kasher le-pesach–except for not being kosher.
    I really expected as I started reading for this to be some Passover recipe with chocolatep-covered raisins or something that you would call ants. I should have known that you would not let April 1 slip by.


  8. You almost had me fooled…


  9. Yuck! Lol! Have a good shabbat.


  10. April fool I presume


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