Win A Tallit Via A Mother In Israel

Another contest!  But this one isn’t mine, it’s being held over at A Mother in Israel.  The prize is a gorgeous tallit from Galillee Silks, a specialty silk designer located on Kibbutz Beit Haemek.

Embroidery pattern for Ju-Boy's tallit bag -- my wedding gift to him

When Ju-Boy and I got married I bought him a tallit.  He wore it first under the chuppah and has worn it every single Shabbat and chag since we’ve been married.  I gave this to him as a wedding gift, together with a tallit bag that I embroidered over the months of our engagement.  The bag has held up well, but the tallit, well… the tallit has seen better days.  There’s just so many times you can dry clean the thing.  Chanuka is coming up and I think a new tallit would be a wonderful gift, especially since Ju-Boy’s birthday also falls on the night of the second candle.

So this contest has my name all over it, but if you think you stand a chance against the fates and believe this was meant to be yours, just click on the link to A Mother in Israel and then this tallit is just a tweet or blog post away.

Good luck to all of us!

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  1. A lovely opportunity. Thanks


  2. That talit bag pattern is gorgeous!

    I *still* haven’t finished the needlepoint talit bag that I started making for my husband before our wedding… 😉


    • Shame on you! Didn’t you just celebrate your 20th?


      • {hangs head in shame}
        As you can imagine, the talit bag is an old, running joke around here…


        • Every time one of my daughters goes into sherut leumi I crochet her a double afghan for her sherut apartment bed. My youngest started her first year in September 2009. It got cold sometime in late November. She started her 2nd year this September and it’s just starting to get cold. Do you think I’ve finished it yet? I’ve started it at least four times, and last night decided I didn’t like the pattern, and ripped it out once again. Poor kid.


  3. I’m very impressed by our embroidery. I never had the patience to do it, though I can appreciate the work that goes into it.


  4. Thanks so much, Mirj, and good luck!


  5. Congratulations! Looks like blogging paid off!


  6. This custom of having the kallah choose the tallis her husband-to-be wears under the chuppah gives her a lot of say in how the chuppah looks, and – debatably – even some say in how he comports himself in shul once they’re married.


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