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A Candle for Gilad

I received this via email from my friend Brynn and thought it should be passed on.  If you agree with me, please pass this on any way you can.

To all my friends who light Shabbat candles, I’m not usually into group messages like this but this Shabbat marks four years in captivity for Gilad Shalit. I was talking to some friends and we are going to light an extra candle this Shabbat in merit of Gilad ben Aviva Shalit. We also thought that when we light our candles it would be fitting to say a prayer for him; whether it is your own words to Hashem to bring him home soon or to say the following tehillim (Psalms):

פרקים: כ’ ב”ד קכ  ק”ל קמ”ב

Chapters 20, 24, 121, 130 and 142

Let the extra candle that we light bring some light to his life and return him to his family safely and speedily in our days.

Ve’shavu banim legvulam
Shabbat shalom

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